40 years on the Thames sailing barge 'Leonard Piper'
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It's a Life! shows and tells some of what what has touched and nourished those of us who have lived on the 'Leonard Piper'. Along with the unfolding events of the movie, my telling of 'our story' has refreshed, and honoured half-forgotten events and persons. Other stories could, and perhaps will be, told.


It's a Life! recovers some of the momentum and methodology of my underground film-making of with Tattooist International some decades ago. Today is very different, then we had to rely on loan of equipment and gifts of film, today we own enough of the means of production to take as much time, and go in whatever direction helps our vision flourish.

Oral history

When friends and relatives die not only do we lose them we also lose the capacity to ask questions of them about what happened... how they felt... what made them decide to... We lose the capacity to learn from their experience. It's a Life! displays some of the learning from experience of our 40 years living on the river Thames.


Living for four decades on the tidal Thames underlined the extent which it is a wilderness with its own rhythms and with its own population of birds, fish and bugs, and people living afloat. My lived connection with the river taught me that the belief that we are outside of Nature is a huge mistake. In It's a Life! I try to show how this rift might be healed. 


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