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IT’S A LIFE! is a feature length movie that documents the delights and challenges of forty years living on a historic houseboat in West London. As an intricate partnership between man and ship starts to come apart, the movie follows the unfolding story of its inhabitant's experience of wilderness, tragedy, mortality and renewal.
Produced by Elmer Postle

A Denis Postle Movie

IT'S A LIFE is presently only available in cinemas, next screenings:

August 31st Waterman's Arts Centre Brentford London 020 8232 1010
September 28 Pitshanger Pictures Ealing London W5 1QG

DVD and Blu-ray will be available shortly

IT'S LIFE! - Trailer

Houseboat resident, author, film-maker and therapist, Denis Postle was encouraged by his film-maker son Elmer Postle [left below] to jointly create this story of joy, decline, death and renewal in London’s tideway.

Maintained by its owner, the wooden barge's ongoing relationship with the Thames wilderness becomes the vehicle for a universal exploration of mortality. 

IT’S A LIFE! is an oral history and auto-ethnographic production; somewhere between a memoire and a family album of forty years living on the River Thames in London.

Production, photography, editing, photography and with one exception, music, is by film-makers, family and friends. A celebration of ‘owning the means of production!’ Self-funded.

IT’S A LIFE! is available for cinema hire and we are open to being invited by houseboat, maritime, heritage and other interested groups to show up and put on a screening of IT’S A LIFE! on your premises on a donation basis.

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IT'S A LIFE! is a Whole Being/WLR Production

Email: wlr@postle.net
Phone: +44 208 8409373

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